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Wild, mysterious, luxuriant, secret… Many adjectives that describe Nuku Hiva. Capital of the Marquesas Islands, it is blessed with an exceptional environment. The harmony and relaxed pace of life put a spell on the visitors who venture this far. Explore Nuku Hiva on extraordinary excursions, giving you a glimpse into the Marquesan culture and a chance to discover breathtaking sites and vistas. These unforgettable experiences forge the identity of the island, beautiful and imposing, and make this archipelago the ultimate green tourism destination.




Half-day excursions: morning or afternoon


Taiohae and Koueva

Visit of the villages in 4x4 vehicle, archeological sites, Artisans' Fare (the market where the island's crafts people sell their production).




Taipivai Valley

A 4x4 excursion, retracing the steps of Herman Melville: remarkable vistas, hike to "Paeke", an archeological site of ancient tikis, and discovery of the small village of Hooumi.




Hiking in Tehaatiki

This 3,4-mile trek on the island's ridges offers unbelievable views over Taiohae Bay and the entire South coast of Nuku Hiva. Observe marine and terrestrial birds, and wild goats too! And, with a little luck, you'll get a glimpse of the majestic manta rays.








Full-day excursions


Hatiheu Valley

A cultural excursion, in a 4x4 vehicle. On the island's North shore, discover many beautiful views, archeological treasures, and lush nature. Marquesan lunch included.


Teivipakeka trail

This short hike follows the main ridge of the island's caldera and the rim of a cirque overlooking the Hakaui valley. You'll reach superb vantage points overlooking the Deserted Land, the Toovii plateau and the cliffs and waterfall of Hakaui, as well as the "secret valley of Anaotako". A sandwich is included.


Anaho Beach

On the North shore, ride to Hatiheu in a 4x4 vehicle, then hike to Anaho (one hour each way) in picture-perfect nature. Once in Anaho, it's white sand and farniente. Sandwich is included.


The "Peaks and Cliffs" Hike

This 7,5-mile hike on the heights of Aakapa Valley and Hatiheu takes you to the heart of the indigenous forest. Through hillsides and lush valleys, this excursion is a must for nature lovers. Sandwich is included.


Tovii plateau E-bike tour

A sporting discovery with an E-bike ride from the plateau of Toovii, an emblematic center of Nuku Hiva with majestic landscapes. Sandwich is included.





Good to know


  • Excursions require at least 2 persons
  • All excursions are led by a guide
  • Bookings must be made by 6pm the previous day
  • Guests canceling a booking on the day of the excursion (except for weather conditions) will be charged
  • This list of excursions is not exhaustive and may vary without notice





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